Premiere: 1 – Marc Satseg – I Feel U [MS015]

Label head Marc Satseg has for a previous fourteen releases been presenting a cosmic interpretation of house, techno, and progressive. Using all of these elements to produce a full bodied sound palette has become the calling card of Marc and his Spaceless Records. He now underlines his current sound with the powerful “I Feel U” four-tracker EP.

Thudding kicks ring out from four-tracker “I Feel U” EP and the lead track is the source of these powerful markers. From the very beginning the track exudes a presence but in a stripped back nature each element produces the necessary effect. A fluted bassline also keeps things simple, as does the drums but the sum of its parts speaks to a higher power. Shimmering synth pads and vocoded voices heap even more galactic strength upon “I Feel U” and will easily propel any dancefloor to the cosmos.

EP opener “Take This Gun” recalls a heady time where distorted guitars seemed to rule electronic music. With a distinctly progressive feel but upgraded for modern peak time floors. “We Love You” continues this timeless ethos with a snare driven beat that tempers the rest of the kick heavy tracks to great effect. Prominent basslines pound the sense as does the rattling percussion, but not to too much of an extent as to dull the ear but to more awaken an inner drive.

Closing out the release is “Are You Afraid” and it is a slightly different beast, the beginnings are a concoction of swirling pads and roomy breakbeats that certainly conjure up a trip to outer space. With each passing phrase more power elements are added to the mix to produce a forceful directive but equally balanced with a rotating bleep motif. 

You can buy MS015 from the label’s Bandcamp now.

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