Premiere: Zendid – Pins Of Djadi (Tokyo Ghost Remix) [discobar09]

Heading into their ninth release, the French collective Discobar host a collaborative remix project. Various tracks from previous Discobar releases have been selected and paired with several producers, with the pursuit to reinvent each track.

Using the established platform of the label and featured artists, the project aims to expose lesser known producers to a wider audience, as well as tapping into a variety of tastes with several contrasting remix combinations.

The experimental approach of the release bestows artists with a palate of sounds outside of their common circuit, acting as a catalyst for innovative production. Merging a diverse range of styles within these collaborative efforts generates artful sub genres, which may never transpire without bold moves similar to this release.

Robin Ordell’s raw, evocative sound familiar with the likes of Perlon and Hello Repeat, combined with Vlad Caia’s sophisticated, Romanian tones makes for an interesting output. Quirky, analogue emphasis from Ordell brings out a different side to Caia. The refined, classical routed minimal typical of the Romanian output is lathered with a coat of roughness.

Snippets from Alex & Digby’s ‘Angolan Rumble’ ooze over a perceptive arrangement in Topper’s Dead Rail reshape, maintaining the composed, hypnotic energy of the original. Darren Allen’s dissonant scope is marginally drawn back to reality in Monkey Nenufar’s remix. Carried by a steady sub bass, abstract textures from Allen’s ‘Manitou’ patiently reveal throughout.

Zendid’s 2016 track ‘Pins Of Djadi’ receives a convincing breakbeat treatment from rising talent Tokyo Ghost; invited to contribute to the release by label owner Lamache.

Meticulously dissecting the original, selective vocal cuts shimmer over a powerful bottom end anchoring the track. An addictive broken beat skips between the vocal, littered with crisp hats rising and falling overhead. Tension drifts in and out of the track, teasing resolution with additional hats, yet never fully resolving.

Soft pads ease into the mix, cushioning the groove before the break is swept up by a slick acidic bassline, weaving between the drum pattern. A stuttered melody maintains a calm and elegant feeling, injecting tantalising energy into the groove, before wrapping up just after six minutes.

Discobar 09 – shipping from September.

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