Premiere: D1 – Kamran Sadeghi – Return To Tender (Steve O’Sullivan Remix) [CL-2.0]

The second release from Christopher Ledger’s CL Series sees the man himself step down from the production. Instead, New York’s Kamran Sadeghi has been invited to share three of his own experimental cuts with Under The Peace Flag. Two 12” vinyls form this EP, the first dedicated to Sadeghi’s productions and the second paving the way for two remixes, reworked and made ready for the dance floor by Giegling’s Sateq and Mosaic’s Steve O’ Sullivan.

O’ Sullivan’s take on ‘Return To Tender’ keeps an eerie undertone as is present in the original. The hypnotic melody captures the listener from the beginning, a long and delicate introduction that allows you to take the time to settle into the ambience of the track. This gradual build up means it’s two minutes before we hear the first drum beat, making it all the more prominent when it kicks in; a sure fire way to get the crowd moving after a well induced anticipation.

Hollow synths slowly glide in and out of the background while a short and choppy high hat gives an intricate sharpness to the groove. Its cosmic undertones transport your mind to somewhere in space, while the softer notes give a euphoric edge that would have most people’s eyes closed on the dance floor for the majority of the track. Its easy to lose yourself in the moment with this deep and peaceful rendition.

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