Premiere: B2 – The Beeyou Crew – We Need To Have A Think [BEEY007]

The team behind BEEYOU Records strikes again. We barely got over their previous VA, a piece of which we featured in our premieres section recently. This time they decided to hide behind the mysterious “The Beeyou Crew” alias. No names, just tracks – we got you, guys.

Our today’s premiere is another take on that famous break, recently used by Alec Falconer, Bwi-Bwi and Wobble Boys (and many-many others before them). However, this specific edit feels like the housiest of them all. They managed to transform “We Need To Have A Think” not just into a “breakbeat-house” piece but into a solid 4/4 with a little bit of swings, that are left deep behind. With the addition of that quite catchy melody and a solid bassline we have something, that could be easily claimed as a part of the “tools” category.


This seems to be one of those records, where the B-side is a little bit more interesting than the A-side. “No White Lies” at the B1 position being a solid roller here with all those echoed samples inside easily beats everything from the A-side, yes. But don’t you dare think that the openers here are boring. “Bubbling Crew” with its own portions of bouncy echoes and “Drop The Bass” with its easygoing vibe should conquer their timing in sets as well.

The battle for a place inside the DJ-bags should start very soon, since the release date is coming. So, you know – Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you’re buying your wax. And hurry up!

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