Premiere: B1 – Joe Rolét – Stock Float [BEEY002]

From the early beginnings of this particular imprint, the vision and direction has always been very clear. BEEYOU is the result of two friends who discovered they shared a similar dream in music. Jamie Mannion and Laidlaw had already spent a great deal of time on a certain island in the Balearic sea, between Valencia and Palma, working hard each season whilst building memories over the years. In 2016 the soon to be co-founders of the label discussed what was important to them in regards to a record label and three pertinent points rang out – a tight knit unit of friends, their surroundings and the ability for label affiliates to be the purest form of themselves.

After some planning and branding (which was all done in house), the guys reached out to some close friends that where making organic and unique sounds that shared a particular vibe. After some time spent going back and forth, ensuring the tracks were right for the debut release, the label dropped their first release last summer, featuring music from Kesh, Ben Ulrich and one half of the power force behind BEEYOU, Laidlaw. The release received support from many of their friends & extended family, including Rossko, John Dimas, the NorthSouth crew, and Fabe.

Now with a fresh batch of tracks, the follow up record is set for release in late November and is ready to be heard. ILLI and Joe Rolét have been close to the label in varying degrees since it’s launch, one of them spending a lot of time on the island of Ibiza and in London with the crew, the other working alongside Laidlaw at their day to day workplace on the iconic Brick Lane in London. The importance of working as a tight knit family is certainly something that is going to continue, and you can see and hear why this is one of the key points behind the label. It makes total sense in every way.


ILLI has been back and forth between the city of Grenoble in France, as well as London, working hard on his craft, moulding out a sound of his own. Alongside some others, he has been involved in the direction of Stash Trax, a label that is also set for their second release. The French-British producer shows off his minimalistic and stripped back houses sounds with his tracks ‘LDN 101’ and ‘Lumière’. Londoner Joe Rolét makes up the other half of the EP, with his tracks ’Sand on Saturn’ and ‘Stock Float’, which perfectly demonstrate his deep and spacey sounds. Rolét’s music has previously featured on his label Planetary Notions which have a showcase at Bar A Bar in London with Joe Rolét, Elijah, Laidlaw and a special guest from the Fuse team.

More is scheduled to come from the BEEYOU camp accordingly, for now hold tight, the swarm is near…


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SoundCloud / Facebook

Joe Rolét
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