Premiere: B2 – SAXR – Space Story [TVIR009]

United Greats of Ukraine gathered on the new release of the Kharkiv-based label Tvir. During all the circumstances, considering Ukraine and Kharkiv (I mean war with Russia, if you want me to be more specific). But the record manages to be not just new, but also great. Let’s take it track by track.

The main dish of today is “Space Story” by SAXR. You, probably, are not familiar with the name – well, too bad for you. A very talented musician, still the only one that I heard, who can play a 2-step live on a modular setup. Nothing is too broken here, by the way, but a heavy, dark, techy piece of house. With a very catchy talk inside – you know, that one, that will make repeat after the actors. If you remember our not-so-recent premiere by Toke – that namedropping should explain a lot. These two should feel fine together in the line-up.

The record is opening with a duo you probably know from their Trance Pandemic releases. Komponente and Kurilo are setting the mood for the record with their slow and bold track “Völva”. Without forgetting about trance influences – here you go with that hypnotic vocals. One more name you don’t know is hiding under the A2 position. Microwave Omen is a dream team, made of Timur Basha, Trippsy and Shakolin from Closer. Scared? You should be, since these three are ready with their epic 10-minute story “Fictitious Æommunication”. Definitely needs its place in the set, but if you find one – this track will probably raise some eyebrows after playing.

The B-side opener sends us to another Ukrainian city – this time to Odesa, which is famous for their DSK Port (I shouldn’t tell you about it – you saw a million videos on Trommel from there). Yate and Badmango will represent their city with a mystic and laid back “Uno Momento”. The final, fifth track brings us back to Kyiv, since it is made by Pahatam. “R House” is a gorgeous one, on the edge of breakbeat and house, slow, but with a potential to turn itself into something much more euphoric, than you can think. Or at least be a ground for something euphoric in the set right after it.

The record should be out very soon. And you can already catch it into your bag on Juno, Deejay, ColdCuts // HotWax or wherever you’re buying your records.

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This article was written in Ukraine. Ukraine is in the middle of the war with Russia right now. Would be great if you could donate to the biggest Ukrainian volunteer fund here. Also, you can pick any music initiative, that is also trying to help from our list here. We’ll be stronger together.

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