Premiere: B2 – Saunter – Signal Sorcery (P.O Remix) [VOSTRA004]

After a short break, we’re bringing back the Cosa Vostra label to our premieres section. This time, they’ve got another massive release, crafted by Saunter. And for our premiere, we’ve chosen the remix of the main track by another hot name on the scene – P.O. Let’s dive in.

We were promised a release that’s not excessively nostalgic but still carries some nods to the past (and glimpses into the future). The main track, “Signal Sorcery,” embodies just that. It’s a highly synthesized take that, despite all the breaks, has that 80s vibe, only it feels like the 80s of 2080. P.O., in the second version of the track, adds some signature sounds, elevating everything from the original and making it even more dancefloor-ready. It’s almost like a rock concert mayhem here.

What else do we have here? “Mechamagic” in the A2 slot takes us to haunted medieval houses with that synthy atmosphere from the early video games. “Codex Incognito” continues the vibe, featuring a hint of fat basslines. Wrapping up this review is my second favorite track on the record – “The Message,” the housiest one in this collection, yet still carrying all the elements we’ve mentioned earlier.

The record is set to release in a matter of days, so if you’re still without the pre-order, Juno, Deejay, Decks, or any other reputable record store will be ready to help you with that.

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