Premiere: A1 – Alich – Metal Tech Liquid [VOSTRA002]

We were notified about the launch of a new imprint on Chat Noir Distribution, but missed the first one by Cosa Vostra (it was by Carriego, and, as I remember, we just had him on another one those days). This time – it was impossible to miss, and we’re welcoming Cosa Vostra along with a young Paris-based producer Alich to our section of premieres.

“Metal Tech Liquid” opens the Play The Darkside EP just as you imagine. Fast, moderately dark, moderately synth, definitely suitable for a great dance. With a nice development closer to its end. Should be played a lot in the sets of those, who like those kinda dark beats.

Its a-side neighbour “Hover Over” has the same energy but at the same time is a little less serious. Should probably be played even closer to the peak time, than A1. And those just for a little distorted melodies, mmm! B-side – we were promised “tension and mystery” – and here we go.

“Play The Darkside” plays with us, hiding everything except its bouncy rhythm far into the back. We can still hear them from the back, but that delicate sounds are doing a nice job of “not-distracting”.

The last one on the record is “Uncertainty (Not Fear)” – and we’re having a bit more distortions, maybe even closer to some lo-fi sounds (of electro, not house). A very laid back track, the perfect closer for the EP.

The release is planned for September – don’t forget about the pre-orders at Juno, Deejay, trenta3giri or wherever you’re buying your wax.

More information on Alich
Soundcloud | Instagram

More information on Cosa Vostra

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