Premiere: B1 – Unknown Artist – Lights [QNQN2643]

As with all the mysteriously unknown labels often found in minimal music the focus of their output is firmly placed on the quality of the music and nothing else. This is the way it should be in all cases, but that is a different conversation to be had at a different time. Back to the music and for QNQN‘s 2643 release their Unknown Artist has turned in a rather tasty and also quite varied 4 track EP.

Although all 4 tracks on this release are uniquely original, the pick of the bunch has to be ‘Lights’ on B1. Thanks to a looping drum pattern with pitching hi-hats a fluttering bassline keeps the track in a constant state of flux. With the track breaking down somewhere around the middle of the track the introduction of a haunting male vocal which floats the track into secret weapon territory. The addition of a robotic synth stab helps to give ‘Lights’ a real old school meets new school vibe that QNQN has nailed down to a tee.

With the EP garnering support from the likes of Priku, [a:rpia:r] and Andrey Pushkarev, this groove heavy roller has and will continue to receive plays from all corners. Just make sure you grab it while the limited press is still around.

Pre-sale copies are now available at

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