Premiere: B1 – The Lumens – Casa Acida [PNH01]

Milanese duo The Lumens are launching their new label Positive Not Happy with Joy EP, including remixes of original tracks by Stephan Bazbaz and Thomas A.S. A dancefloor oriented selection taking its aesthetic in electronic and galloping basslines.

After few years of promoting the parties Phoenix Room, Electronic Barbecue and Pennyroyal After Tea in Milan and abroad, inviting DJs of the scene such as Lamache, iO or Robin Ordell, The Lumens took the next step by creating their own label. The artistic line stands between minimal, techno, house, electronic and acid by melting all together elements of the genres. “Home Of The Psycho House”, the label aims to define the duo’s vibe as their music lies in grey area between different styles. Joy EP comes out to be the first of the catalogue, reflecting this vision with a high contagious energy.

The A side features the original track Joy produced by the Milan crew, and a Goa mix by the Israel-based DJ and producer Stephan Bazbaz. He delivers a « game changing » slamming remix, including Goa trance elements on the powerful house beat, keeping it to 130bpm.

The B side opens on Casa Acida, “Acid House” in Italian, a club-oriented track taking elements from minimal and electronic, with a strong catchy bassline. Aerial sounds seep in this blend of different genres to bring a touch of lightness and accompany the frenetic rhythm. All along the way, the song surely keeps you alive by taking you on a journey through different tones. Thomas A.S. takes control of the B2 to deliver a lush, cool, and deeper groove interpretation of the track.

The project Positive Not Happy is a ‘do it yourself’ brand that gives the duo a certain freedom and new challenges about being out with their own imprint. “We started the label to release our music without compromises, to be focused on our style, and to release only what we like.” shared Andrea. “It represents our vision of music, the way we like to play, and gives us the latitude to develop an original sound which can be directly related to us.”

And indeed, The Lumens have developed a unique sound style coming from their two musical points of view. Before going to the studio, they share previews of solo projects before linking it together. Luca explained: “First we throw down the parts of each project. And then we start reworking on each sound, jamming with synthesizers and drum machines, until we feel good about a track, before skipping to another. I do the final mix and mastering over many sessions because I’m very finicky so I’m always searching for something to fix.” And here is the result. Not necessarily happy, but surely positive. 

Joy EP is vinyl-only, available to order on or

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