Premiere: B1 – Simic – Drainpipe [AR006]

Accessory Records are ready for another strike. Last time they charged their banger cannon with the stuff from Miles Mercer – this time, as usual after him, it will be Simic. Also, as usual, we’re having three super nice tracks. And we’re taking the best for ourselves.

To be honest, not even the best on this record, but – if we’re looking at Simic’s legacy on this label only – it’s a whole part of his discography. “Drainpipe” is that type of track, that looks kinda like a tool, but, if you’re a master in your work and know how and when to put it – it will destroy everything on the dancefloor. Bigroom progressive echoes on the percussion on the edge of tribal and also progressiveness – that’s usual for Simic, we know that. But this time we’re also getting a melody too. Chords are good without any additional info, but wait till they’re transforming into some guitar sounds, it will turn your respectable set into some sort of rock concert you’re definitely not prepared for. Uff!

“Mad Mechanic”, the B-side neighbour of our premiere is a bit calmer, arpeggio-driven track, that also has some progressive vibe inside, but, in comparison, feels more like a perfect track for a second, smaller room of the club. On the other side we have an epic 10-minute smasher “Magic Potions”. Should fit your weekend out-of-town car trip very well. Just rent a cabriolet and put it on maximum volume. A very nice blend of progressive and those very popular now wonky sounds, that are sometimes going into the guitar solo category.

As I said – definitely the best work of Simic on Accessory Records. Why not to grab, right? The pre-sales have already started on Deejay, Decks and hhv – you know, what to do.

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