Premiere: A1 – Miles Mercer – Mentalist [AR005]

Miles Mercer strikes again from his Accessory Records. And this time we’re having code red. Not only because of the label coloring, I must say. As usual from the label – three (great) tracks. Let’s go.

“Mentalist” starts with some very similar sounds to our latest premiere from Accessory Records – but that’s the only similarity. “Third Planet Mystery” took us on some fairytale trip – this one takes us straight into the asylum. Much harder kicks, much more interesting bassline work that turns out to be only an introduction to the main part, which is coming around the second minute here. Little baby scratches and here we go mental. House music all night long – that will be your easter egg if you’ll listen carefully throughout all 6 minutes here.

“Counting To Eight” is a bit calmer track but only in comparison to the A1. Those warped voices on the back won’t let you just stay calm here. We’re having some fairytale vibe again – but this time it’s more medieval, you know. With the bad finish, you won’t tell your kids now. “Unknown Origin” takes the B-side to itself in full and we’re having some broken take. A very beautiful one.

If you can’t wait any moment longer and want to spin this beauty – make some pre-orders first. At KMA60 store or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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