Premiere: B1 – Otis – Electronic Paradise [AMI002]

Amsterdamers from AMI Records are ready with their second release. This time it’s a VA release. From this one, we decided to pick a joint by Otis for a further review and premiere.

Our today’s one is “Electronic Paradise” by Otis, probably, the most energetic one from the release. Starts with a jumpy aggressive kick – perfect for that build-up. Nice echoes and robotic vocals will entertain you before the main melody starts. And the melody is just perfect here, that spacey theme, we still can’t get enough of. Stripped-down banger category.

Staying on the B-side, we’re having a legend, called Dawl with his “2-step electro” on “Another Galaxy” (much more of electro here, must say). Easily recognizable track – if you know, what Dawl used to write and you like it – you’ll be happy here too. The opener of the record, “SD 01” by Lucio was called a “peak time” track on their press release… I don’t know about that, but I definitely like the groove here. Another one stripped down banger, I would say. And the last one in this review, is “Party On Mars” by MASI. Another one straight for the groove, with the perfect bubbling vocodered vocals and a mysterious melody. One for the bag, definitely.

The record shouldn’t be held in the pre-order sections for a very long time, so, you know – Juno, Deejay, hhv or wherever you’re buying your wax. As usual.

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