Premiere: B1 – Ocean T – Flux Frais (Alex Pervukhin Death Mix) [LAC004]

Alex Pervukhin makes one little step back from his label again. After two solo EPs on Laconica in 2018 and the split with Ocean T in 2019, this, fourth one, was given to his well-known partner completely. Alex just made his one little touch and this touch will be reviewed today.

The B-side opener, the remix of “Flux Frais” would be considered as a 100% banger on any previous Laconicas. Here, on the fourth one, despite its hammer kick and acid cuts from the original version on the background, it sounds like the perfect track for the first hour of after-hours. Alex, by the way, thinks the same: “Dirty jungle break, original acid arp and my fav TX bass – these are the main things behind my remix. All these elements will work at the beginning of peak time or in a very active after-hours set.” Also, Alex shared some important news, when I asked about the name of this remix: “It’s called «Death Mix» because this is the name of my new label – DEATH (coming soon on DBH distribution) which will be based around Chi-tekno music”. Nice to hear that, right?

But let’s come back to another part of the release, that wasn’t produced by Alex. Ocean T himself gave us a short global review about LAC004: “This record hasn’t gone too far from the minimalistic contemporary sound which I usually lean towards, however, this time I also tried to combine all my main influences – house, ambient, jungle, everything that brought me into the world of electronic music and what keeps me inspired today.” That’s in general – let’s check it track by track.

If we were talking about some after hours’ vibes on B1 we have to mention also that on A1 they’re at least doubled. The ultimate sunny morning track that already was tested during many sunny mornings at the parties in Western Ukraine through the last year and caught a lot of smiles on the happy faces of dancers – that’s “Flux Frais”. Followed by “Shama” – Ocean T’s take on his broken part of producing – these two are, probably, the best A-side we saw on Laconica so far.

On B2, despite the fact, that years ago he was introduced to DJing through the school of local DnB legends Derrick & Tonika, Ocean T didn’t “go full Janeret”. Still, the sound of “Horizon 3020” is broken enough to speak about some inspirations from his past. And his mood is also perfect for the closure of this 12” – it could be perfect at the end of a peak time set too.

“Aquatic EP” had to be released today, so you can grab it on Juno, or Redeye immediately.

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