Premiere: B1 – Nacho Bolognani – Kb3 (Priku Remix) [FUN008]

Argentinian flavor in its full power: Nacho Bolognani delivers the next Fun Records issue just few months after the previous EP from label-heads Barem and Alexis Cabrera.

The two producers invited the fellow friend and compatriot on their imprint for a brand new 12″, certainly impressed by the quality of his recent output. This without considering the fact all three shares the same diligent approach in constructing the groove and in researching the right vibes. Alexis Cabrera, in fact, confirmed it by sating “it was only a matter of time for Nacho to the family”.

During 2018 Nacho played two or three times in Berlin alongside Alexis and that was the right occasion to show him some of his last productions, quantified in around 10 unreleased cuts, all soulful and ready to be mastered. From that point, creating the EP looked like an easy job. Instead, it resulted more complicated than expected due to the high quality of each track, all worth to gain some space on the record.

For our premiere, we selected an outstanding remix of “KB3” made from Atipic boss and Romanian favorite Priku. The bridge between Argentina and Romania was already built, with Jorge Savoretti releasing on Priku’s label Atipic, and further strengthen by Alexis Cabrera himself with ATIPIC006, two records of great success. This time, the connection is exploited the other way around, with Priku adding his signature touch to Nacho track like a cherry on top.

Priku approach is a statement of calm and surgery-like precision: the percussive elements became the main component around which the track is composed. Stripping back from Nacho’s deeper a warmer sounds, Atipic boss move forward to a new minimal dimension where percussions are central. This takes the listener into a journey leaded by an incessant groove and, at the same time, gives the EP the necessary versatility to become a must-have.

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