Premiere: B1 – Mancini – Just Music (Michael James Remix) [MNCN005]

For the fifth episode of his own label, Benjamin Mancini invited three talented friends and producers to remix the track of their choice in the previous MNCN releases. The EP is named Remixed, and features Janeret, Swoy and Michael James productions.

We selected “Just Music” remixed by Michael James, a nice, clean and captivating cut. Compared to the original mix, which sits on MNCN003 Rara EP, the Michael James rework is more straight to the point but equally engaging.

The vocals, which was characterizing Mancini version, is here less present and less intense. However several distinctive elements and loops are kept and the familiarity and coherence between the two can still be found.

The whole EP is well crafted and the concept interesting and worthy to be explored  further. Janeret and Swoy’s touch add some pepper to “Slap” and “Rara” respectively, creating a nice mix of styles and emotions.

All three tracks are perfect for a diverse and effective record, that is going to be released today.

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