Premiere: B1 – Kai Kan – I Did It (Purplehummer Reconstruction) [TOS006]

Primarily a vehicle for Maher Daniel’s own top-notch productions, The Other Side is now opening the doors for a newcomer in the shape of promising young Japanese artist Kai Kan.

Kai delivers a solid 3 tracker in the form of the ‘VDSKKY’ EP but it is the Purple Hummer Reconstruction found on B1 that takes things to a whole new level. For the uninitiated Purple Hummer is none other than Perlon mainstay and Ultrastretch boss Sammy Dee and what he has done with his offering to this release is nothing short of sublime.

Sammy is well known for his curation skills as seen at all Get Perlonized events and in this case, he has taken these talents for foresight, analysis, and vision and applied them to his Purple Hummer remix. Taking essential elements from all 3 tracks on the EP, Sammy has melded the tracks into one indelible work of art with his stamp of quality all over it. Taking the vocal parts from ‘I Did It’ and ‘Le Reei’ and combining them with the glitch madness of ‘VDSKK’ while sprinkling in some of his own Purple Hummer magic to create a beautifully lush new works that have already found its way in to the bags of Praslea as well as other top minimal heavy hitters. Sleep on this at your peril.

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