Premiere: Doubtingthomas & Wyro – Unten EP [MLTD100]

MLTD100 art

Metroline Limited celebrate their 100th release.

The London-Rome-based taste-makers have been carving a sultry aesthetic since 2007 via a multitude of well-received releases. Frequent vinyl and digital output from the likes of Hamid, Pheek, and Mike Wall make up an immense, global-spanning catalogue.

Label regular Doubtingthomas returns alongside Russian artist Wyro for the label’s milestone release. Both artists are no stranger to the Trommel channels, featuring Wyro’s collaboration with Mobile Soul System, as well as Thomas’ EP for Organic Music.

Both artist’s styles offer a complimentary coupling heard throughout the EP. Doubtingthomas’ earthy atmospheres wrap warmly around the more euphoric, lively vibe heard in Wyro’s works.

‘Prisme’ opens the EP with a gorgeous synth workout, flexing vast sustained chords over a simple, smirky bassline that could loop for hours. The title track ‘Untem’ continues this rich, deep house atmosphere in the A2, carving delicate stabs into clever sequences working in unison with an unhurried, mood-setting drum pattern.

Each track holds a versatile, yet charismatic charm common with the label’s identity. Ideas are simplistic and reduced, striving for a timeless approach to dance music that has been central to the label’s longevity.

‘Distancia’ concludes the original efforts from the French-Russian duo. Gentle plucks wash over shimmering hi-hats and intriguing vocal snippets, before Yoyaku’s Janeret takes aim at ‘Untem’ to complete the EP.

The Frenchman’s ear for more cosmic shades of house fits perfectly with this collaboration. Atmospheres veer towards a deeper, introverted aesthetic. Fragile synth pads swim low in the mix, bending around melodies with a glacial-like motion.

Percussive parts are airy and precise, filled with subtle tweaks bringing an engaging depth to the drum palate. Modest hats caress an agile bassline that carries the same charismatic depth, occasionally sharpening or dropping notes.

Janeret’s seven-minute venture is a complementary addition to this impressive, celebratory release.

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