Premiere: A2 – Luca Piermattei – Always Think Positive [VNCBRG010]

For their tenth record, Veniceberg Records decided to pick Luca Piermattei, also with a special appearance of Alex Neri. And we’re having a slice of that yummy Italian dish from that dream team for ourselves. We just couldn’t miss it.

I would call “Always Think Positive” Luca’s signature piece. One of those tracks that you could listen to for 6, 16, or even 26 minutes, and there’s always something new popping up. Mayhem in the background, which is put on some really good percussions – always a good thing.

“Incoherent Sometimes” (we’re staying on the A-side) is a huge, powerful synthy take with a nod to some old video game OSTs, but as you know – stuff like this always has a warm welcome on the dancefloors. “Maintaining Balance” starts as a bit rougher track, but afterward we’re having some other nods to video games and also – baby scratches! Missed them a lot, and here they are with some additional hip-hop vocals. Which is ALWAYS a good thing. Also, the track has a treatment from Alex Neri. And you know that this can’t be bad either. I never heard at least one bad remix from the guy. This time also won’t disappoint – the remix is a bit rougher, than you expect from him, but still, even with those acid drops – you can hear the touch of Alex.

The record should be on the pre-sales very soon. Stay tuned for updates from any good record store.

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