Premiere: A1 – Rich NxT – The Norm [NXT005]

Rich NxT shapes up a sweet slice of London flavour, presenting the fifth installment of his own personal label and playground, NxT Records.

Stretching out over nine minutes, the FUSE mainstay delivers a timely piece of music that encompasses many different strands of his music to date. Patient in his approach, NxT sets a steady tone in the first three minutes, the loop holds an elegant samba-like riff, darting between tight acid blips, alluding a playful bassline. Floating melodies and more direct percussion is layered on top after the tracks first break, adding momentum to the rhythm.

The second extended breakdown features a shout out to none other than the much revered Normski to the stage of an event once-upon-a-time in Berlin. The joyous vocal brings the track even more life, accentuating the attitude.

After teasing the low end throughout the break, the sustained sequence is met with a new bassline, sweeping energy into the mix with a rapid kick fill. More rave chords, sounding like 90’s Prodigy drift into the mix in the latter of the track, bringing to a close one of the most detailed tracks we have heard from NxT to date.

The B side of the vinyl offers a tentative approach. Strings of emotion glisten over a heartwarming beat in ‘Mally’. The concluding track ‘Tatters’ is filled with elegant patterns, uniting over a fine, tech house rhythm.

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