Premiere: A1 – Lungo – Nevermind [CNT009]

If you’re regular on Trommel, you definitely know the Chat Noir Tools series. Always something good, right? This time, they’re presenting some new blood from Paris under the name of Lungo. We’re promised some retro-gaming inspiration here – let’s check, what more can be squeezed from that theme.

The first one on the release, “Nevermind” – is a quite energetic piece with an Audiosurf-like type of cruising beat. The first two minutes are for comfortable sitting in the pilot chair and after that, I think, we can check the gas pedal. Can’t say, we’re getting some Formulaone-ish, but definitely can imagine this one being the most playable one from the whole pack.

“Keep My Babouche” is a bit more delicate. But it a very close to the style in general – the same drops (I would even say splashes) here and there and that atmosphere of cruising, this time with a half-epic drop only. From the track with the name “Guns N’ Money” you, maybe, expect a little bit more nodding to the hip-hop, but, instead of this, we have one more delicate roller, this time with some voicing (about Vegas, probably, that’s where the money and the guns are going). “Fix This” is the baddest of them all, if we’re talking about speed. And that speed, it seems, puts some more energy here too. If you’re looking for some peak time drive – go straight to the B2 position.

The release is going to be out very soon – check Juno, Deejay, hhv or wherever you’re buying your wax.

More information about Lungo
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