Premiere: A1- Konstantin K – Elodios [UPV001]

Naturally gaining a close-knit following via a series of intimate parties in the Swiss capital, Unreleased Plattform has built an extensive catalogue of well-received digital releases, alongside a carefully curated podcast.

After three years of collaboration between founders Konstantin K and Giulia, the first vinyl release of the label arrives in the form of a split VA, exploring varying shades of psychedelic-led minimal. Label head Konstantin K introduces the EP with a powerful stroke of meditative house music in ‘Elodios’.

Heavy, elastic-like chords bend over a sea of tripping textures. Pinned by delicate swung rhythms, elements mutate, forming and vanishing into an immersive bed of sound. A sense of perfectionism shines throughout the entire arrangement, with meticulous changes in velocity and immaculate sound design.

The Spanish project Birdsmakingmachine completes the A-side, maintaining the psychedelic edge in ‘Visihornes’. Clunking rhythms slash above a moody bassline, injecting higher energies to Konstantin’s cut, targetting a peak time dance floor.

Dragosh returns to reserved atmospheres opening the B side. The Romanian brings his graceful flair, merging delicacy and emotion through clever dance floor formats. A gentle chord sequence blossoms beneath eerie textures, deep into after-hours territory.

Deep Tech label head Duky concludes the EP, following the stern and fragile footsteps of Dragosh. Warm, fuzzy grains caress a ritual-like rhythm, with gloomy chords swimming overhead.

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