Premiere: 3. Konstantin_k – Fus [UPE001]

Having introduced Konstantin_k and his Unreleased Plattform imprint back in July of last year he returns with another extended player this time all of his own creation. Following the previous outing, Konstantin is again in deep tech mode and offers a 6-track assortment of minimal leaning works.

Appearing slap-bang in the middle of the ‘Together’ EP is our pick of the bunch in groover ‘Fus’. The third track of the release is a smart, upbeat roller that makes use of a laidback male vocal alongside snappy percussion and some even more chilled piano chords. The vibe of the track might be relaxed but ‘Fus’ is anything but. The bounding bassline that underpins the track glues the other parts of the track together to create a more peak time offering that is squarely aimed at the dancefloor.

Either side of ‘Fus’ is ’14.03’ which comes in at the top of the release and kicks of the EP with a sweet piano arrangement and an equally sweet deep acid bassline. This, deep musical elements meet rock-solid beats is continued further with ‘Febru’ which is a slightly more stripped back offering. On the far side of the EP is ‘Marz’ which is more on a minimal tip with a musical sine wave doing most of the tracks heavy lifting but still retaining the cool swagger of the rest of the release.

Drawing the EP to a near close is lead track ‘Together’ bass-heavy effort rattles and clicks around ethereal bells and some truly unique percussion. Rounding out the EP is the decidedly more downtempo ‘Lufi’ and what it lacks in bpm more than makes up for in attitude. Lush pads are joined by acid squiggles that filter in and out of the mix giving way to intricate noise patterns and even more tidy musical elements that only stick around for moments before disappearing into the mix. While ‘Fus’ is our pick of the release all tracks have something rather special and demand your consideration.

What is even more impressive is that this release will only be available exclusively through the Unreleased Plattform website.

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