Premiere: A1 – Birdsmakingmachine – The Haze [BMM011]

Birdsmakingmachine - BMM011 artwork

Birdsmakingmachine is a name that often crops up on our pages in one way or another. Whether that be through line up listing or back catalogue mentions, looking at many a label. Releases span a plethora of platforms, the likes of Half Baked, Motion Sequence, Yama Music and Slowdy Mowdy. But this time, the artist comes to the centre, celebrating their own label of the same name.

BMM011 marks the ten year anniversary of the BMM series. Amongst the myriad of productions, these own label outputs might be the most appreciated to the artist. Drip feeding over the last decade, a steady focus has centred around quality over quantity and the latest release is no different.

All four tracks on the EP come from Birdsmakingmachine. On the premiere, we have opening track ‘The Haze’. Snare snaps through a sharp breakbeat, wrapped by a grumbling bassline that dips through melody. Darkness spreads through jabbing white noise, freaky modular manipulated through the motions. A twisting journey is unfolding.

As the beat gets heavier, the melodies become harsher and the chords spookier. Rapid succession of the elements take this rolling downward, trippy and determined. This is one to take the mind into the depths, electrifying energy that would fill a room with fire at the deepest moments of a warping set. ‘The Haze’ isn’t to be taken lightly; a serious start to the EP meaning business from the off.

Listen on to the rest of the EP for flavours of a little more light hearted, as well as pleasant groove and a dashing of dirty electro. BMM011 is an all rounder.

Buy the record from or Juno, out for release tomorrow.

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