Premiere: A1 – JM Project – Scruffy Airwaves [DHUTT02]

DHUTT - JM Project - record art

As if Art of Dark’s beats weren’t already naughty enough, the London label has a more debaucherous side. Sister label DHUTT provides space for the deeper, the darker and as the name might suggest, the duttier.

As a collective, Colin Chiddle’s crew have become one of the major clubbing forces in the UK capital. Large parties held in fine venues over a decade have kept them to be a firm choice and the finely tuned line ups made good headway for firing up the label.

Now the creativity continues across each outlet. Over a year since the launch of DHUTT, the next release is ready to drop, coming with a joint effort from JM Project and Keo Lab. Between them, four tracks make up the ‘Hillyfields Warriors’ EP and we’ve taken ‘Scruffy Airwaves’ for the premiere.

In keeping with the ethos of the label branch, the beats are blessed with the dirtier side of techno. Skanking breakbeat comes packed with growling groove with synth squelching in the midst. Deep basslines grumble, driving like thunder, whomping big and juicy.

Breakdowns warp as the high pitched notes whistle and drift. Seedy tones compliment the curious, a darker flavour that also offers a big for getting dutty in the rave.

The heat remains throughout the EP, fired up energy fuelling hard hitting beats throughout. Neither of the artists hold back, with all four tracks coming in strong. Art of Dark’s ‘Grotty Little Sister’ continues in character.

Buy the record from or Juno, out for release soon.

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