Premiere: A1 – Gabriele Mancino – Canticum [FTPL004]

Berlin-based producer Gabriele Mancino returns on his own Future Plans imprint with the ‘Canticum’ 4 tracker and it is packed full interestingly subtle yet deliciously out-there sounds.

The lead track on A1 ‘Canticum’ is a stripped-back affair, opening up with an undulating bassline and wandering modular clips that dance tantalizingly around the auditory field. The inclusion of the warped and mangled vocal throughout the track really takes the track into a different dimension entirely. The dusty piano chord also really gives an immensely atmospheric feel to the track which carries off the minimal aesthetic of the track with cool ease that will ensure this is picked up by the many after-hours specialists.

On A2 ‘Mc2’ takes this otherworldly approach and turns it up to 11. As if caught in a void Mancino warps and winds things up to a fever pitch. Flipping over Mancino dives into micro mode and collects a jam of nonsensical modular noodlings and re-arranges them into formative madness. First is B1 ‘Modul One’ where acid tweaks and flanging synth notes roll over each other to create rhythmic patterns madder than the last. Finishing on ‘It’s A Kind Of’ keeps on the intense format and with beats and bass fight for attention and in the process produce a worthy mind melter that would do impressively weird things in the latter stages of an after hour party.

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