Premiere: A1 – Gabriele Mancino – Don’t Brand [FTPL009]

Berlin based Gabriele Mancino and his Future Plans imprint have been presenting a groove packed approach to minimal music for the past eight editions. Now Gabri winds up for Plan 009 with a dark journey through four slabs of minimalism. 

Starting at the top of the release and “Don’t Brand” is a dark, brooding slab of minimal. Garbled voices lend itself very well to the pitch black phasing pad that sweeps through the track. Deep probing bass tones delve deep into the undercurrents and produce a darker than dark bomb that is sure to melt minds at all times of the party.

From here the light is only going to get brighter, but this EP is destined for the shadows. A2 “The Woo” does offer a glint of light as the airy pads look to temper the ominous robotic voice that narrates the whole track. Flipping over to side B and “Flow” and it is all about the groove. Modular signals are processed to create rounded percussion that provides the platform from the eerie synth to slide across. 

Completing the release is “Armonie” and the record finishes strong and in suitably pitch black atmospheric fashion. Moody bell clangs and twisted metal scrapes paint a rather grim picture but in the right hands are capable of altering minds not just moods. 

If you want to pick up FTPL009 you will need to be quick as it has already sold out from and There are still copies left at Juno, but not for long.

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