Premiere: A1 – COLOGNe – Walk Walk [SAIS002]

COLOGNe - SAISEI record art

Junki Inoue is wasting little time moving forward with his recently launched label SAISEI. Less than two months ago we premiered Kino Moderno’s ‘Acid Water’ from the first release. It’s already time for the second and Inoue invites another prolific Japanese producer to take the reigns. Takuya Sugimoto finally brings six 1999 originals under his COLOGNe alias to wax.

It’s not often tracks from this era need putting into vinyl. Those featuring on ‘Deep Talk’ EP have only ever been available on CD format, previously released by Japanese label Viola. All this time has passed and such gems have been hidden. Inoue’s innate ability to dig deep for the music appears to be fuelling his drive to bring the hidden to the fore.

‘Walk Walk’ opens the record, smooth and sophisticated. A deep, moody melody rides a steadily plodding bassline. Stretched high notes glide cooly, gently shifting pitch in simple pleasantry. All the elements are small in size but they each compliment the next.

As the percussion moves in to settle the beat, mysterious bleeps transport to that intergalactic feel so appreciated in today’s electro. But remember this one is over 20 years old – ahead before its time. Particularly when the big bassline takes over, unexpectedly bouncing through the core.

The beat can be a little off, the pitch control rough. These elements make something quirky, intricate, at the same time brushed with groove and atmosphere. A nice return from the naughties and a freshness to the music as it moves onto vinyl.

Pre-order the record from Off The Grid Records, due for release next week.

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