Premiere: 3 – Oros – 12dbPW [CMLVA001]

Oros opens up a new chapter with a fresh label project, Cameleon Records.

The Bucharest-based producer has been heavily inspired by the prolific amount of music coming out of the historic city synonymous with electronic music. Driven by a passion for sound and a strong drive to express oneself, the label aims to push a diverse sound and create a home for quality club music.

Kicking things off, the label has curated a unique various artist EP which will be available through their Bandcamp. Oros has already released a comprehensive collection of his productions on his personal Bandcamp. We zoom into the label boss’ nine-minute contribution “12dbPW“, delving into the world of hypnosis.

You can immediately hear the influence of the minimalist approach championed by many Romanian artists. Dry, simple percussion comes to life, utilising clever drum programming and nimble melodies to create a deftly hypnotic vibe.

Elements sing in an abstract unison with a spiralling bassline playing similar notes to a muted keys section that couldn’t sound more suited to the bassline. It’s the sign of a producer in a true flow state, allowing elements to slot gorgeously alongside one another, wrapping you into a cosy corner of audiophile-level sound design.

The level of care and detail in each element becomes evident as the track evolves. Eerie pads gloss over the mix, gradually introducing a hopeful, bleepy melody that is the perfect tonic for the track’s stripped-back vibe.

Fellow Bucharest-based artist Dragomir also featured on the EP. Known for his improvised live jams, the prolific producer showcases his talent for utilising modular synthesis and the flow of analogue production.

Joining him is the renowned Romanian Herck. You don’t have to go far through the realms of cryptic minimal to stumble upon the mesmeric amount of work Herck has contributed to this strain of club music. A master of subtlety, his tracks often span over 10 minutes, luring you into his intricate world of sound.

Paul Walter brings the next track, fresh from releases with Pressure Traxx and his own Meduka label, bringing his fresh approach to minimalist sound design.

Buy the EP directly from the label’s Bandcamp.

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