Trommel.162 – Andrei Ciubuc

A regular for Sunrise and their many events, Andrei Ciubuc straddles a great many genres and styles in both his DJ sets and his productions. From the swaggering minimalism of his ‘Drugz’ EP on BP Digital, to the percussion filled ‘Link’ EP on his own Draganenii imprint Ciubuc doesn’t tend to stay in one sub-genre for too long. It is also his deft ability to wander between these different facets of the electronic world with such ease that constantly astounds.

There is little to discuss when it comes to his Andrei’s experience and also why he is so loved by the minimal faithful. This has seen him in the top tier of Romania’s brightest for quite some time now and over the next few months you will be able to catch him at the spring edition of Sunwaves and also the much-lauded Miami edition of Sunwaves.

So, it feels very fitting that for his addition to our podcast series we should present a 3 hour + extract from his set at last year’s snrs48 event at Club Guesthouse in Bucharest. With the event run time being almost open ended this allows each artist the time and space to really open up their sound. As you will now hear Andrei does just that.

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