Premiere: A2 – Andrei Ciubuc – En [CST011.2]

Castanea Five Years of Love Part 2

Five years is a milestone worth celebrating for any label in the electronic music scene. Castanea Records have done exactly that with, a string of releases and parties to mark the special occasion. Earlier this year we premiered Pressure Point’s ‘Riff Interlude’ from part one in the Five Years Of Love VA series. Now part two is ready and we’re showcasing Andrei Ciubuc on A2.

Simply titled ‘En’, Ciubuc’s contribution is a deep and mysterious one. The flat bottomed bassline creeps along lazily, defined by hard hitting drums and claps that float together to form a marching rhythm, one that dancefloor critters could quite easily get lost in at the rave.

The build up is a steady one, but the pieces are put together as precisely placed samples take their places. The small scraping vocal of En juts into position alongside eerie bouts of laughter and cranky lasers, while depth comes courtesy of dark, metallic synths that shimmer into the forefront as the progression continues.

Expect more of the same at the planned showcase in December, which forms another part of this much celebrated anniversary. Most of the detail remains shrouded in mystery, but the secrets will soon be revealed via Castanea’s Facebook page.

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