Trommel.159 – Cosmjn

Romanian artist is a commonality on these pages, what is not to admire in his finely balanced mixture of textured minimal, bass heavy breaks, and of course his feat defying mix skills. Regularly featuring on esteemed imprints such as Subtil, Atipic, and further back Eastenderz. He of course is very much an in-demand commodity and is also in full effect at that biggest events around that includes Sunwaves amongst other domestic and international must attend gatherings.

One such premiere Romanian large scale event is Holiday Mood and they have been drawing only the best artists from their home turf and further afield for some time now. The edition where this mix was recorded live included a huge array of stars and Cosmjn sat neatly in amongst them like a gem stone waiting to be seen. Studio and home mixes are great but being able to present a 3 hour+ live mix as flawless as this speaks volumes of the artistry at the disposal of Cosmjn. Smooth flows, stripped back funk and more attitude than a bratty child this mix features the full spectrum of his sound palette in all its shining, bass face glory.

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