Per Hammar and Edvin Wikner – Lindström EP

Quietly consistent Swedish producer Per Hammar teams up with new-on-the-scene Edvin Wikner to launch Lindstrom EP on Maraton. Also featuring an interpretation from minimal heavyweight Ion Ludwig.

On the A side we have the title track ‘Lindström’. It contains the kind of groovy and rolling bassline that you enjoy so much it could be 15 minutes before you say ‘Wait, is this the same song?’ Some light drums and echoey digital sounds accompany said rolling bassline. The pinnacle of the song comes at around 4:53, where the song loops out before dropping, introducing some rapid drums.

Accompanying Lindström is ‘Undercurrent’, a track which seems far less made for the dance floor. It falls more into the category of melodic chilled out minimal, rather than a track that gets a crowd going. However, the track makes use of seemingly every sound imaginable. There’s the sound of far away synths and delicate strings, with a chilled bassline in the background.

However, the Crème de la Crème of the EP comes in the form of Ion Ludwig’s ‘Epicura Sunday Interpretation’ of the title track. When you finish listening to this track, it becomes evident why he didn’t just call it a remix, because it’s not. Ludwig moves away from the dance floor to produce a melodic masterclass. The track has an almost extraterrestrial feel to it.

The first half of the track is defined by the floating synth sounds that surround the rolling bassline and other worldly digital sounds. The second half features stabs of the drums and more aggressive synth sounds, around the 8:00 minute mark, an almost angelic sounding synth comes in, rounding the track off to a beautiful close. This track really blew me away, it seems almost perfectly crafted for ending an early morning set, or I could even see it being utilised at Sunwaves. It has the perfect combination of melancholy and bliss, the two key ingredients for a closing track.

The EP is available from Juno.

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