Free Download: Eliaz – Cntrl OVER [TFD082]

image: Butik Festival

The last time Eliaz graced out pages was at a most challenging time for music across the world, but fast forward from his 2021 outing on EXARDE he has excelled since. With outings on White Scar, 22Recordings, an LP on Era Ora Records, and most recently a riotous EP on Fiktiv Records. It is safe to say that Eliaz is on a bit of a hot streak at present. The Slovenian live specialist is a firm fixture at Butik Festival, of course with the Era Ora crew, and there is a high chance that any party that you find Eliaz will be one to remember.

Clearly we had to enroll Eliaz in our Free Download series, and what an edition it is. Starting out blissfully ethereal, “Cntrl OVER” soon transforms into a fire breathing monster. Heavily processed and chopped vocals give some hint as to the fate that befalls the listener. Synth zaps, growling basslines and chest pounding grooves are the currency for this transaction and it comes with a heavy price tag.

You can download Eliaz – Cntrl OVER [TFD082] from our Telegram group now.

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