Djebali’s Once A Month Project – January

As we know, the rise of vinyl in the last few years has been phenomenal, and this has been a considerably big success amongst artists in the underground house music scene. Having released a successful collection of vinyl-only releases on his personal imprint over the last 7 years, Parisian producer Djebali kicks the year off with a new project; providing us with fresh music at the end of each month, available exclusively in digital format. To keep a level of exclusivity, each release will be available for three weeks only.

The aim of this series of free releases is to share music with everybody who has been supportive of his work. Some people may not own a record player, or be able to afford to splash out on a handful of vinyl at the end of each month; this is why Djebali has chosen to pursue this project and try and connect with his audience in a slightly different way, on a path less travelled.

Each track will vary from the next, and those that have followed the young producer’s career will be aware of his capabilities in the studio, and his ability to create a wide array of sounds. The first track of the series ‘January’ is a groovy percussion heavy track. Djebali’s forward thinking has come in to play for the sounds on this series too, as it will feature ambient and atmospheric sounds with an absence of beats, productions at a lower hip-hop sounding BPM, as well as edits of tracks from his large music collection.

Djebali - Once A Month

Djebali has also used this project to collaborate with Spanish photographer, Maku Lopez. Maku started out shooting still photography for films, before creating Monster Studio in Madrid and going on to pursuing her fashion career further by moving to New York. Maku has worked for leading publications, Schön, Marie Claire Spain and Reflex Magazine. Although her career is rich in shooting editorials for magazines, Maku has many other works, including her ‘Food Scrap’ project, which will be used as the artwork for Djebali’s ‘Once A Month’.

To keep up to date with the project, make sure you follow Djebali’s Youtube Channel below, where you will be notified on the arrival of each release with a little teaser each month. The first track is available below via our Soundcloud account, and will be available for download until February 22nd – get it while you can.



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