Djebali’s Once A Month Project – April

It is with great pleasure that we present you with April’s instalment of Djebali’s ‘Once A Month’ project.

For those who have been living under a rock for the first quarter of the year and missed previous editions, you’ve missed out on something very special. Djebali opened up the year with a free track that was available for a limited time only, and has continued to do so each month through various social media outlets, including his YouTube channel and us here Trommel.

This forward thinking project is aimed at a wider audience than usual. Over the years many labels and artists have put out a lot of vinyl releases, and it’s not always easy for music lovers to add things to their collection. Not everyone is able to afford new wax week in week out, and some people may not own turntables. Djebali’s aim is to share his music to a larger audience and give freely to those who have supported him in his career.


This month track is another masterpiece, and we would expect nothing less. There is a real mix of drum elements throughout the track, starting with layers of filtered patterns before building up into the main body of the track with various hats and other percussive sounds. The bouncey and mellow bassline keeps more rhythm going through the track, alongside pads and atmosphers that compliment all the sounds. This is a real deep house number with a dash of funk and jazz.

Each release also features artwork from Maku Lopez, a Spanish photographer who has worked with an array of fashion publications over the years. Not only is her editorial work something to gasp at, but Maku’s side projects are truly amazing too, including the images from her ‘Food Scrap’ series which accompanies Djebali’s track each month.

April’s track is available above via our Soundcloud account, and will be available for download until May 17th – get it while you can!

To keep up to date with the project, make sure you follow Djebali’s Youtube Channel below, where you will be notified on the arrival of each release with a little teaser each month.





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