Djebali’s Once A Month Project – July

Djebali strikes again with the July edition of his Once A Month project.

The Parisian artist has seen each month in with a track that is made available for free download, accompanied by artwork from Maku Lopez. The simple yet forward thinking process behind this project is to share music openly to those who may not have the easy access to records and turntables that many of us do, and give back to those who have supported Djebali through the years.

Now we are just over half way through the year, the 7th edition is readily available for a limited time only via Trommel’s Soundcloud page.

‘July’ is a slower number, running at 115 bpm. There is a certain Hip-Hop feel to the track, even before the vocal sample starts to drift in and out of the mix around the 2 minute mark. There are a number of effects that work together with the dreary pad to create an interesting atmosphere for the drums to sit on. The pad rises in parts of the track, getting brighter and bringing more colour to the composition, in tandom with the evolution of the drum patterns. This is one for the early evening, on a terrace somewhere with friends, a bottle of Malbec and a sunset on the horizon.

As mentioned above, the download is paired with artwork from Spanish photographer Maku Lopez, specifically from here ‘Food Scrap’ series. Have a look at the links below for more on Maku and her work.

To keep up to date with the project, make sure you follow Djebali’s Youtube Channel below, where you will be notified on the arrival of each release with a little teaser each month.


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