Bruno Curtis: Onwards and UPwards

    Hailing from New Zealand Bruno Curtis has since his move to Berlin ingrained himself in the European underground. Having previously cut his teeth in Lisbon and then later moving to Prague was where he began his journey with UP Festival. His work creating the music and arts festival would not only nourish his own career but progress the music scene in Prague.

    The CDV and Hoppetosse favourite has since the very first edition of UP Festival cultivated a truly artistic approach to a music festival that includes not just music but a range of creatives. In advance of the warm up event in Bulgaria we caught up with Bruno to discuss UP Festival.

    What do you have coming up in the first part of 2022?

    For the first part of 2022 i’ll be away in South America, at least till the end of January, I’ll be touring for about a month. I am really looking forward to this.

    Tell us more about the pre-event and to the main party planned for December?

    Event’s already coming up this Friday. Before we officially open the doors, we will have a live stream from a very cool vinyl store that is part of the club where the main event is going to happen later. The vision of UP events is to always support local talent and for this we have invited two of the Bulgarian promising artists Factuaw and Dimitry Monev to get everyone in the mood. You can tune in to the stream on our Facebook page. 

    What do you have planned after the launch in Bulgaria? Where are your next parties?

    We are plotting several events around Europe, as long as the new editions of Covid 19 don’t mess up with our party calendar.

    What sort of artists and themes do you have planned for next year?

    As always, we are focusing on the house and minimal sound, combining well known and new upcoming acts that caught my eye and ears around the world. For example, now we have Sonja Moonear, John Dimas, Amir Javasoul and Laylla Dane, who I have been a fan of for a long time and can’t wait to share the decks with them.

    Bruno will of course be front and centre for the upcoming event at Micro, Bulgaria on Friday, December 3rd that includes Sonja Moonear, Amir Javasoul, John Dimas and Laylla Dane.

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