Use Trommel new calendar and receive promotion on Instagram for your events

Yes, you read that right! We are offering Instagram promotion for anyone uploading their events on our new Events Calendar!

As you might be aware, we recently launched a new section on our website where we aim to gather all the most relevant parties related to the underground music world. The upload takes less than 3 clicks and can be done by anyone, whether you are the artists playing, the promoter organising, the venue owner or just fan attending.

Our final goal is to create a comprehensive, centralised and regularly updated Calendar where all users can at the same time both contribute and find about their favourite promoters, artists or venue without having to look for the “needle in the haystack” feeling.
So often small and niche events are buried below a stack of bigger ones happening on the same day, especially in big cities like London, Berlin or Paris.

With Trommel calendar we want to overcome this issue by giving our audience a place where to look & find what is relevant to them in seconds.

To achieve this result, we need everybody contributions – that’s why we decided to offer an incentive of one Instagram story to promote each event uploaded on the website. It’s simple: upload your event between Sunday and Saturday of the following week, and we will share an Instagram story for it.

For bespoke and more structured promotion, send an email to

Terms & Conditions applies. Check below

  • Events need to be approved by the management before going live, do not submit the events multiple times if you don’t see them online immediately.
  • Out of scope events will not be considered
  • The offer does not apply to incomplete events, events without lead image or missing information
  • The offer is available for a limited amount of time, and Trommel reserve the right to end this promotion at any time and without any notice
  • Events uploaded during the week (Monday-Saturday) will be promoted with a story on the following Saturday or Sunday
  • if no specific material is provided, or if we are unable to obtain the artwork in the correct format for this promo, we reserve the right to select it independently – we will of course do our best in doing so
  • Only one story will be shared per event. In case of cancellation with no just cause, stories can’t and will not be shared again
  • Promotion via Instagram stories can’t be personalised, we reserve the right to decide on the details and timing of the promotion – your event details including date, location, and where possible part of the lineup will be included
  • There is no cap on the number of stories that will be uploaded on a selected day
  • Promotion for events to be performed in chronological order given the timestamp of the event upload on the website
    No insight will be given after the promotion ends. At times, random order can be followed
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