Amir Javasoul

Montreal-based Amir Javasoul is somewhat of a DJ’s DJ. Having grown up in Iran, he moved to Canada at the age of 10 where he learned the ropes of DJing after a Derrick Carter set in the mid-nineties sparked a long-standing affinity with the profession. Since then, and for the past 20 years, he’s been balancing his work as a computer engineer and music selector, maintaining an active touring schedule, both in North America and Europe. He’s a regular mainstay at some of the world’s finest clubs and festivals (Fabric, Stereo, SXM Festival, Output, Uberhaus, Piknik Electronik, Sunwaves, Igloofest to name a few)

It’s important to point out that Amir’s profile has not been supported by a release on a well-known label; rather, he has taken the organic route, finding acclaim through his skills in the DJ booth alone. “I’m finally at a point where I’m happy with the results in the studio as a producer. Maher Daniel and I formed Creatures of Habit a few years ago, and since then we’ve put out a few tracks that are getting heavy play by some of our friends and colleagues”. He’s referring to Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, Rhadoo or Apollonia, who all have been supporting the music released by the duo.

“But don’t get me wrong. I will always be a DJ first. That’s what I love to do the most, and I know I can make a difference when I walk into the booth. Passion creates love and love creates confidence. For me, the feeling of knowing that I can have an impact when I DJ is just priceless. I don’t take it for granted of course and I stay grounded, but being able to share my passion with the crowd, live and instantly is really something special. It never gets old”

After a ten-year stint living in Paris where he held residencies at all the main venues in the city, Amir moved back to Montreal, Canada. Today he splits his time between Berlin and Montreal, regularly collaborating on tours with Ricardo Villalobos.

“Ricardo, alongside Derrick Carter, are the reason why I do this today. I’m extremely lucky to have met them both and to be able to call them friends. Rici and I have spent a good amount of time lately, playing many shows and festivals together. We have a super energy when it comes to DJing together but I can only dream of ever getting close to his all-around musical genius in the studio. But I learn from him every day. And what I learn the most, is to always stay humble no matter what, and to always have fun in the process. This is very important”.

Amir wraps up 2017 with upcoming tours in Europe and South America.

He queues The Mentor’s remake of – Rosie Gaines “Closer than close” wrapping up a 17-hour mix marathon alongside Villalobos and Priku on this Sunday evening in Romania. The crowd is unanimous and the smile says it all. We’re already looking forward to next year. Amir is here to stay.

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