Trommel.104 – Amir Javasoul b2b Shaun Reeves

For our next podcast, we have a rather special and quite introspective b2b session from top selectors and more importantly old friends Amir Javasoul and Shaun Reeves. With the current situation meaning that large amounts of artists not out on the road delivering their particular brand of musical knowledge to the world’s dancefloors, this means that artists such as Amir are rueing the missed adventures that they find themselves in most weekends and this session with Shaun reflects this. We could speak at length about the effects of this on the DJ’s of the world but Amir has put together some poignant words on his situation and his and Shaun’s mix…

“As we begin the 11th month of this incredibly challenging and eventful year, I’m here to present to you the live recording of an evening well spent.

Lately, I’ve caught myself revisiting old pictures and videos of gigs more often – or talking to friends about those times, that really weren’t so long ago, but seem so out of reach right now. It’s a serious case of rave nostalgia and I’m afraid it’s not going away anytime soon.

In short: I miss playing these records for you.

I miss the grind. I miss making playlists. I miss getting my record bag ready on a Thursday night for the weekend ahead. I miss complaining about my middle seat on the plane. I miss running into my fellow DJs at the airport. I miss the wonderful human interactions that come from performing a gig. from all the friends I’ve made in every city, country, to the airport taxi driver and the hotel clerks. The club staff, and the sound guy telling me to turn it down. The security guy flashing a ‘5’ to allow me those last extra minutes for the last song…I miss it all.

To be honest, it’s been hard for me to find the motivation to play records at home. I respectfully turned down some live stream options in the early days of our global confinement – because I knew I couldn’t offer you the best of myself. I do have a story to tell when I play, but I need you to be there with me for that story to make any sense.

On the last weekend of Shaun in Berlin, as he was getting ready to move to Los Angeles, we had some friends over and decided to press Record while playing back to back. This is the result. As usual from both of us, you will find a mix of new unreleased material alongside older classics. It was important to present to you the full, unedited version of this recording in its raw format; so, we would like to thank Trommel for presenting us with this opportunity.

Stay safe and looking forward to seeing you again on the dancefloor – hopefully in the near future.”

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