Vinyl of the month – December 2017

We’re back with our Wax of the month for the final time in 2017. Containing music from the likes of Adrian Niculae, Margaret Dygas and King Ricardo. Make sure to keep an eye out for our Wax of the Year article coming soon, detailing our favourite releases of the year. But without further ado…

1.Margaret Dygas – Invisible Circles EP.

The Margaret Dygas renaissance is real, people. The First Lady of minimal has had a fantastic 2017, but this one dates back to 2009. It’s all about the B side ‘Frankly’, it starts out with an emphatic trumpet before progressing to some melancholic strings combined with some enticing bongos.

2. Mambotur ‎– Elemental Remixes EP 1

One from summer of 2012 and it’s here because of King Ricardo. His remix of Mambotur’s ‘Planes’ is vintage Ric. It’s chilled, percussion heavy and every time you listen to it, you pick up on another slice of Villalobos genius.

3. Adrian Niculae / Yourayo ‎– Fabric 72: 10″ Vinyl Sampler 1

Who doesn’t go back and rinse mixes/sets they’ve listened to a thousand times before? I went back to Rhadoo’s Fabric 72 the other day and fell in love with Adrian Niculae’s (Priku) ConTRASt. Absolute groover.

4. The Cheapers – Too Late EP

Not as minimal or ‘Romanian’ as the others picked thus far, but a sublime piece of music nonetheless, mainly due to ‘Black Bell’ on the flip side. Start of a set, middle of a set, end of a set, this melodic beauty can fit in anywhere.

5. Fumiya Tanaka – Beautiful Days EP1

An EP I somehow missed in summer. No nonsense dancefloor oriented tech house from the Japanese master.

6. Midland – What We Know (Motor City Drum Ensemble Dub)

Not as minimal as other selections on this list but still a work of beauty. I found this through seeing a video of Mind Against at Sunwaves 22. Two words for this. The. Chords. Simply beautiful.

7. Amir Alexander / Hakim Murphy – New Roots EP

Chill by Hakim Murphy on this one is 6:55 of blissful percussion heaven.

8. Two Diggers – CocoBongo EP

Four tech house dancefloor tools, the crown jewel being the title track on A1. Enough groove in this one to make even The Queen get up and dance.

9. Marco Carola – Apnea EP

This slab of wax is available for less than £1 on Discogs. What are you waiting for? It’s vintage Carola!

10. Jorge Savoretti – River Plate EP

I’ve recently discovered Savoretti due to his newest release on Atipic. Turns out I’ve been missing out quite a lot. If your heart is void of hard hitting and loop house then this is your place.


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