Wax Material has launched a gofundme campaign to keep their wheels turning

A mainstay at some of the best events and festivals across the UK and further afield Wax Material is built on the wheels of the Ford Transit Horse Box that houses it. Sadly, these wheels are in danger of no longer turning thanks to the 31-year-old engine finally giving in. This trusted machine has taken Jessi and Wax Material far and wide but there is much more music to share and she needs your help.

After an epiphany at Waha Festival Jessi’s made her dream a reality and after much blood, sweat and tears she willed Wax Material into existence. However, in the past few years since we first documented Wax Material and what it brings to the table the van has fallen into disrepair and needs drastic repairs. In order to make the correct long-standing repairs to her trusted ride, she is calling on you to donate whatever you can.

Over the last few years Jessi has been able to patch the old boy up, “The actual chassis cab (the drivers cab and engine etc, not the shop itself) is 31 years old and sitting dormant for the whole time I was away has knocked the old boy out the park. It won’t start, has no MOT or tax, isn’t reliable, and when it did start it cost me too much in diesel to get anywhere.”

In order to get her shop back on the road and deliver the brand of music that you know and love she is looking to raise £11,500, “that’s a lot of money. As a reward for people donating and a bit of an incentive when I reach my target I’m going to give away a brand-new set of 1210s.” So, there is more on offer here than just keeping one of the country’s best mobile record stores on the road. As well as this it is an important element of digging culture and should be supported as much as possible.

You can donate what you can over on the gofundme page and also until the van gets back on the road you can purchase records from the Discogs page.

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