Waha Festival return with an extended trip into nature this August

Long running Romanian festival Waha has been blowing minds for years with their deep trippy soundtracks provided by some of our scenes main protagonists. This will be their ninth edition and to mark such an achievement they have decided to focus on “Roots” as theme where they aim to “create a powerful experience through interconnection and grounding, absorbing and releasing in harmony with the whole.” Wishing to intertwine the personal experience with the overall ethos of the long weekend atop Waha’s favourite hilltop in Covasna is all part of the journey that will run between Thursday, August 10th and Monday, August 14th.

Like any great festival, it is not just the music that attracts heads, it is very much the setting that provides the magic moments, or at least plays a major part. Being in the heart of nature is often an enlightening experience, be that the thick woods acting as sun shields for the camping area, the lush green pastures that is transformed to a living breathing dance space and of course the mind-expanding hilltop where meditation and yoga sessions take place are a real added value for an unforgettable experience.

Of course, the music is largely what draws the crowds and we can exactly why Waha Festival is still going strong nine editions later – each year the lineup have been interesting and diverse, showcasing a large array of musical directions. With a serious focus on underground music from Romania and further afield, this year they will be welcoming sets from a huge range of artists. This will be including across the extended weekend first-timer Margaret Dygas, Christian AB, Quest, Clovis, Claire, O.BEE, Kia, Cesar Merveille and Dea, Closer’s own Timur Basha and Karine, an afternoon with Giegling’s Konstantin, Mountain People, Edward, Vera, Andrea Ferlin, Yone-Ko and Laylla Dane. Waha would just not be the same if they didn’t present the best domestic talent and there is a hell of a lot when you consider Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Dan Andrei, Cap, Andrei Ciubuc, Dragos Ilici, Miss I, Alexandra & Pirvu and Kozo.

For harder genres Waha have you more than covered as they lined up a hot array of artists to keep you going all weekend long. Rising stars and bonafide legends will mix together and those names include Neel, Marco Shuttle, Luigi Tozzi & Antonio Ruscito live, Jane Fitz, Polygonia, Sofus Forsberg, Refracted, Borusiade, Khidja, Loma Doom and Katzele, as well with brilliant newcomers and underground DJs that define the rest of the flow.

What goes up, must come down and Waha ensures that your body and mind are well taken care of. There will be stage dedicated to ambient, chill out soundtracks and more experimental sounds. As well as this and an alternative stage there will be another 3 stages that will cover Psytrance, live concerts, performances and live instrument jam sessions. Waha have thought of everything.

Again, Waha prove yet again that they are an all-encompassing gathering that has family connections, nature and music at its very roots.

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