vyo͞o in Boston launch a brand new artist residency with an all-night session

Having not long celebrated their sixth birthday, vyo͞o have long been a go to for quality underground music in Boston. In that time, they have welcomed a long and esteemed list of artists that includes John Dimas, Molly, Rubi, Vera, DJ Masda, Z@p, Andrew James Gustav, Evan Baggs, Quest, TC80, Francesco Del Garda, Nicolas Lutz, and Jane Fitz.

Having celebrated their very first birthday with Binh way back in 2017 it seems almost poetic that he should be joining the team on a semi-permanent basis. With this ethos in mind vyo͞o have taken the next step in their connection with the Berlin based Binh and have confirmed their event on Friday, April 7th will see his first act as resident. The Time Passages boss has been bringing his sharp brand of leftfield bangers to Boston for quite some time and who better to make the jump across The Pond than the illustrious selector.

To mark his first act as resident Binh will be taking full control of The Lower Level for the duration of the event. This will mean for the full four hours Binh will be in charge of taking the dancefloor from doors open to lights up. With extended sessions being this man’s forte, we can only imagine the many stops that the soundtrack will make along the way. One thing that is a certainty is the sound will be top shape thanks to the long-time homies Sound by Logic.

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