UnMute host Rhadoo for an all-night session at ATV Records

Few artists command the type of justified hype that minimal mogul Rhadoo does. His track selections are deft and often leave clubbers and promoters alike scratching their head on how he possibly makes it all work together. This is the magic of Rhadoo and for quite some time now he has been one of the world’s finest that is at the very top of every promoters wish list.

If you like good groove-based music and are lucky enough to be based in Miami or lucky enough to make the trip then UnMute and ATV Records will be a very familiar name to you. Their Rolodex is the envy of the US music industry and when they were looking for an artist to play this coming weekend guess whose name they landed on? That’s right, Rhadoo.

The Romanian mixing machine will be jetting into the States where he will be headed straight for the UnMute home base of ATV Records. As most will know minimal music is best enjoyed when the DJ is able to stretch their musical legs out and reach the far reaches of their record bags.

This is exactly what UnMute has insisted Rhadoo does on Friday, July 16th where he will be taking full control of the music from start to finish. For anybody that has been to ATV Records or any of UnMutes’s parties, you will know that sound and atmosphere are of the utmost importance, and with a night like this on the cards, we are thinking it might be time to move to Miami.


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