Supernaturae Festival from Sound Department outline their debut Italian adventure

From the minds of Italian muso’s Sound Department comes a brand-new festival concept that aims to blow multiple minds across its two-weekend run time. August in Taranto will be sizzling to the sounds of a multitude of genres and across the dates of 5th, 12th, 14th, and 15th there will be two Saturday sessions as well as a larger scale festival to get your teeth into.

For the two Saturday sessions, there will be two open air stages on offer that will be presenting contrasting styles but both pack a serious punch. Starting on Saturday, August 5th on the Landscape Stage there will be tough techno from Hector Oakes, Cassie Raptor, and Metaraph. However, over on the Jackzone a formidable collection of artists from the underground will be catering for the more minimal leaning sounds. In no particular order, taking control of this stage will be Magda, Evan Baggs, John Dimas, and Fernando Costantini. This lineup will give a hint of what is to come over the course of this sprawling get together.

The following weekend is where the action really begins to heat up as the bank holiday weekend means that the country will be ready to party. Saturday, August 12th will again see a two stage, one day affair with the Landscape Stage again hosting heavy hitting techno at its finest, while Jackzone will be joining forces with Insert Coin. Providing the soundtrack will be Fabrizio Mammarella – Grace, Twovi who will perform live, and Martino Recchia.

With a day’s break before the action reaches peak levels, the main festival will begin in earnest on Sunday, August 14th with all three stages firing on all cylinders. Between the Main Stage the Landscape there will more high octane techno than you can shake a stick at and the highlights will undoubtedly come via I Hate Models, Lee Ann Roberts, and Regal. However, it will again be the Jackzone where rising stars Alexia Glensy, Andrew James Gustav, Matthias, Creeds, Dj Plant Texture, and Fisherman will be top of your list to check out.

Moving on to the Bank Holiday section of Supernaturae Festival and the Main Stage and Landscape will be thudding to the uncompromising sounds of Angerfist and Stingray. As a sublime contrast, Jackzone will be undulating to the grooves of Lumiere, Etienne who will be performing live, Lozano, and Cosimo Colella.

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