Sunwaves 27 has been officially cancelled

What was only a rumor is now official: the 2020 spring edition of Sunwaves have been officially cancelled.

Below the full statement from team behind the festival:

Our national situation is gradually getting better but caution is still a mandatory imposed trait for these times. As we previously mentioned, all the performances and public events in Romania has been cancelled since March and that pushed our 1st set date (30.04-05.05) to be postponed for June, 25-30.

Although we kept being hopeful for an optimistic happening, Sunwaves 27 can’t take place in a safe manner during this summer, even if the state of emergency passed for two weeks already. Sunwaves has always been about personal experiences and joy while the following months are all about staying safe and avoid large gatherings.
Needless to say, this is the first time we have ever skipped an edition and that brings us an inevitable hard heart but also a guarantee that the next edition will deliver more excitement than ever.
We can’t wait to have you back on the beach!

Ticket situation and options:
You will be able to keep the ticket for Sunwaves27 for any edition of this year or 2021.� In addition, at the access point you will get in possession a consumption voucher to use inside the festival, worth of 20 Euros� (Food and drinks).

Take your time and let us know when you decide on what edition you want to participate. We will gladly provide you with a new ticket for the new date of your choice.
Please message us on @sunwaves fb page or at with the following information:

1. ticket order ID ( you can find it on your live tickets account or in your inbox).
*if you have more than 1 ticket bought and you want to change each of them let us know exactly what edition you prefer.

2. what period of time suits you better.
: SW28 (4-8 September 2020)
: SW29 ( 29.04-04.05 of 2021)
: SW30 (early September 2021)

3. Full name and email adress where we can send the new ticket.

Thanks to all of you for the support!
– Sunwaves team

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