Soundopamine close the year correctly with a weekly serving of new releases

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Romanian duo Soundopamine have announced a rather special way to see out the remaining weeks of the year. If you’ve heard their Trommel podcast and their own Quarantine Rooftop Session, you’ll know the pair have been sitting on a simmering selection of unreleased goodness for the most part of 2020. Much of this goodness will soon be accessible to all via Bandcamp, as Cristian Munteanu and Natasha Cristescu have scheduled to release one track per week right up until NYE.

This large LP, aptly titled ‘New World Disorder’, is expected to feature plenty of lockdown goodies. With little time wasted, the first in the series is already available as of last night. ‘la-o la Padure’ is an excellent start. It offers a deep, dub-infused beat surrounded by warm synths and cosy pads. The gentle melodies are typical of their flavour; spacious, soft and all the while oozing with class.

We’ll be watching each week as the next releases come to the fold. Those cosmic grooves will surely remain consistent and it can only get better with Natasha’s sweet, dreamy vocals that will no doubt come to play their part. Follow the Soundopamine Bandcamp page to be hit with the reminders.

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