Sigh Club confirm the remaining events to close out 2023 in style

Madrid staple Sigh Club, has built up a rather splendid reputation for itself over the years and with them now embarking on their sixth season they have had many highlights along the way. With deep connections to the likes of Slow Life, Melliflow, and Tresydos, Sigh always temper their international bookings with the very best that Spain has to offer. This approach has been working wonders for them since the beginning and there is no sign of them breaking tradition.

With their home turf being the excellent two floor Cadavra Club in Madrid’s trendy Justicia neighborhood, the welcoming lounge area and the heads down, no nonsense basement club named The Hole, there is always a space for everybody to get lost in the music. With the run of closing parties for the season having already begun in earnest this witnessed a showdown between Sigh Club and Medina Sound who were also celebrating. The latters tenth birthday saw sets from guest and Superliminal Recordings boss Matthias as well as Cesc, Dane, as well as Adre, Hugo, Nelli, and Willy, 

Now looking forward to their next date on Friday, October 13th, and the date may be unlucky for some, but certainly not the quality demanding clubbing fraternity of Madrid as they will be hosting none other than Giammarco Orsini. Being a firm favourite for obvious reasons will ensure that this party, like the rest of their previous and future editions will be one of the books. Joining the Italian star will be Avo, a bright talent that is full of promise. Upstairs in the Lounge the action will be handled by Ombligo, an impressive crew from elsewhere in the city and they will be repped by members Rough Thought and DePedro. As with all editions of Sigh Club there will be an afters that will keep the beats rolling until sunrise. Cesc and Canary Islander Víctor Reyes will be tasked with continuing the party.

Moving swiftly into the year with their November showcase on the 10th they will be flying in a shining light of the UK and Berlin sphere – Domesticated boss Bruno Schmidt. A usual suspect in all manner of places that include, but are certainly not confined to Lion & Lamb, Blies Festival, CDV, and ID in Barcelona. For Bruno the list is never ending, and so the thought of what he might hold in his record bag is enough to make us want to book our plane tickets right away. He will not be alone at The Hole, as he will be aided by regulars Victor Reyes and David Ferrer. The Lounge will be commanded by Palique members Babu and Papol. Completing the night at the secret space will be Avo and Cesc who will present a distinctly Sigh Club after hours experience.

Completing Sigh Club’s fine run of parties to close out 2023 on December 1st will be one of the most in demand artists currently in Christian AB. His screwface selections have wrecked the heads and feet of dancers around the world and his appearance at The Hole at Cadavra will be a thing of wonder. His productions are coveted by all that get their hands on them and beloved by all that hear them and with outings for John Dimas’ Elephant Moon, FDG’s Timeless, as well as his long awaited “Red Tears” EP for sparring partner Quest’s imprint La Note Del Diablo. Cesc and Avo will be back in action, this time around offering a b2b to warm the crowd for Christian. Up in the Lounge will be an all night session with DJ F, a specialist in this department with an expanse of musical knowledge to draw upon. Not wishing to close the year out just yet there will be one last secret session, this time directed by Rough Thought and Sigh regular Maya B. With each month until the end of the year there is something very special indeed to look forward to with Sigh Club at Cadavra.

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